Sunday, March 20, 2011

European Slave Traders

The main European countries involved in slaving were being Portugal, Spain, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and also Sweden. Britain began significant-scale slaving through personal trading companies in the 1640s. The London-based Royal African Corporation was the most essential and from 1672 were built with a monopoly of the English trade. Other merchants whom wanted to enter this kind of lucrative trade opposed your monopoly and it was ended in 1698.

How many voyages to Africa produced between 1695 and 1807 from each on the main European ports which were involved in the slave traffic were:

* Liverpool: 5,more than 200
* London: 3,100
* Bristol: 2,200
* Different European ports: 450 (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Cadiz, Lisbon and Nantes)

In the early 1700s most involving Britain's slave merchants were being from London and Bristol. However, Liverpool merchants were increasingly involved in addition to from about 1740 have been outstripping their rivals. Even though London, Bristol and various other ports continued to mail ships to Africa, Gatwick dominated the trade until its abolition in 1807. Indeed Liverpool was the European port the majority of involved in slaving over the 18th century.

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