Thursday, November 29, 2012


  1. The Slave Ship: A Human History

    Marcus Rediker - 2008
    Draws on three decades of research to chart the history of slave ships, their crews, and their enslaved passengers, documenting such stories as those of a young kidnapped African whose slavery is witnessed firsthand by a horrified priest ...
  2. Slave Ships and Slaving

    George Francis Dow - 2002
    Extraordinary collection of commentaries by ships' doctors and captains, as well as written testimonies for a parliamentary committee investigating the slave trade.
  3. Slave Ship Sailors and Their Captive Cargoes, 1730-1807

    Emma Christopher - 2006
    This book fills that gap by examining every aspect of their working lives, from their reasons for signing on a slaving vessel, to their experiences in the Caribbean and the American South after their human cargoes had been sold.
  4. Slave ship: the story of the Henrietta Marie

    George Sullivan - 1994
    Describes the discovery and study of a slave ship that sunk in the Gulf of Mexico in the eighteenth century
  5. Stalin's Slave Ships: Kolyma, the Gulag Fleet, and the Role of the ...

    Martin J. Bollinger - 2003
    Bollinger details the unwitting role that the U.S. played in the transport of forced laborers to the infamous Kolyma Gulag.
  6. From Slave Ship to Harvard: Yarrow Mamout and the History of an ...

    James H. Johnston - 2012
    Reveals the life and history of Yarrow Mamout and the subsequent generations of his family, linking their lives to the changing American landscape.
  7. Life on an African slave ship

    Joseph Kleinman, Eileen Kurtis-Kleinman - 2000
    Explores the history of the slave trade between African and America, providing information about how slaves were captured, life aboard the slave ships, how the sale of slaves was executed, and what occurred after the sale.
  8. The slave ship Fredensborg

    Leif Svalesen - 2000
    Provides details of life aboard the Danish slave ship Fredensborg, which sank off the coast of Norway in 1768.
  9. From Slave Ship to Freedom Road

    Julius Lester - 2008
    Paintings portray the story of slavery from its beginnings, and are accompanied by literary interpretations.
  10. Transatlantic Slavery: Against Human Dignity

    Anthony Tibbles - 2005
    Published to accompany a permanent gallery in the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Transatlantic Slavery documents this era through essays on women in slavery, the impact of slavery on West and Central Africa, and the African view of the slave ...

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